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HONE partners with MOPAC to build €10 Million German Government Housing Project.


Both companies poised to build multiple European manufacturing plants in $1.3 trillion a year business opportunity
New zero energy technology could generate more units as part of Government’s social housing plan, says expert


Tuesday, April 14th, 2015:  Daylight Energy Technology Company HONE & Mopac Systems International producer of Zero Ready® building components, are two European firms that are contracted to build  low cost “daylight” fuelled zero energy homes in a landmark German government social housing project worth €10 million in its first phase, it was revealed today.
It follows an announcement by the Minister responsible for Construction, Housing, Urban Development NRW that Germany has a budget of €3.2 billion to support the construction of up to 200,000 social homes up to 2017.
HONE and its partner Mopac Systems International have successfully developed the capacity to mass produce homes that are highly energy efficient, cost-effective to build and can be constructed in a day on average.  Mopac´s first of a kind plant in Lommel Belgium is fully automated and already callable of producing the Zero Ready® building elements for 10,000 homes a year. The partnership will be responsible for undertaking the new construction project in Aachen, West Germany, which should see tenants paying monthly rents of just €620 on average including utility bills in the new energy efficient units.
HONE and Mopac Systems International also now plan to add new manufacturing plants in Europe to meet the growing demand for their technology in the short-term.  Significant global players such as BASF, Krauss Maffei and Randek AB are also partners in the breakthrough, which is the result of a combined 10 years of advanced collaborative research by all the companies involved.
“We are extremely happy to be a significant part of this project in Aachen. Our daylight-fuelled heating and cooling systems are the perfect complement to Mopac’s innovative high insulated building components. According to a recent report by leading research firm Pike, the zero energy house building market is to grow to $690 billion a year by 2020 and will nearly double by 2035 to $1.3 trillion a year, with much of the growth occurring in the European Union.  We are very confident about the future,” said John Quinn, CEO of Photonomi Group.
HONE’s expertise is based on a breakthrough free daylight-fuelled heating technology which removes the requirement for a boiler.  Its collaboration with Mopac Systems International leverages the latter’s ability to build low-cost energy – co2 neutral houses rapidly that can be mass produced.
The German government’s funding plan is similar to Irish Governments Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly’s announcement of a €1.5 billion social housing plan last week designed to reduce the housing waiting lists in Ireland by a quarter.
“The Minister said that it costs approximately €185,000 to build a standard social house in Ireland.  Our zero energy three-bed family homes can be built for approximately €120,000 per unit and additionally have no boiler or energy bills, whether social or private dwellings.  Employing our technology would obviously ensure the Government’s allocated money towards its social housing plan can result in the construction of more units and a better return on investment, not to mention the carbon benefit when compared to traditional heating systems which are responsible for 32% of emissions,” said Quinn.
“The recast Directive on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD) stipulates that by 2020 all new buildings constructed within the European Union after 2020 should reach nearly zero energy levels, we have been preparing for this market for the last 10 years” said Dirk Arnauts, CEO of Mopac Systems International.
“In addition, the move towards very low-energy buildings will trigger a deep market transformation of the construction sector and requires an important market deployment of very efficient technologies. This market up-scaling has important employment potential and, according to the estimates, hundreds of thousands jobs may be created and induced across Europe,” said Victor Coenen, Managing Director BASF Polyurethanes Benelux
HONE is also in the final shortlist of companies in the Energy & Environment category of the Irish Times/InterTrade Ireland Innovation Awards 2015, with the winner to be announced at a ceremony on Friday 17th April 2015.

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HONE is a ground breaking molecular heat engine Technology using advanced Nanotechnology to capture Daylight instead of Sunlight as a valuable heat source. This energy can be used for FREE Heating, Cooling & Electricity Production.

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