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HONE uses a Nanotechnology Heat Engine and as such the overall efficiency is much higher than legacy fuel-less technology. Old technologies such as Solar PV & Solar Thermal panels date from the 1800's and need sunshine for any visible level of performance.


HONE is the most powerful "fuel-less" renewable platform in the world.


HONE Efficiencies

(COP) - coefficient of performance definition:

Ratio of work or useful output to the amount of work or energy input, used generally as a measure of the energy-efficiency of air conditioners, space heaters and other cooling and heating devices. COP equals heat delivered (output) in Kilowatt hours (kWHrs) divided by the heat equivalent of the electric (or other) energy input. The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the equipment.

See below for the comparison of a Heat Pump & Solar Thermal with HONE. Note that HONE's performance is higher than Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal combined !

(Don't forget that Heat Pumps are on the market since 1863 !!! and are limited by the physics of the carnot cycle plus the fact that their source temperature from the ground or air can never increase)


Graph 1 is a measurement of direct energy production. This is is only the output COP performance of a HONE system. In addition you also get a large energy efficiency saving as your boiler and pumps are off several months of the year and this means you save lots of additional fuel by NOT having to heat up your boiler and pipework. This is the full savings/performance you will see in your home and Graph 2 is based on the EU Study home.

note: Heat Pump & Solar Thermal data from SEAI & DBEIS.


Proof is the only way to highlight the superb performance of the Generation 5 HONE FREE Energy systems. We don't make claims, they prove nothing. Below are LIVE screen shots of a customers system taken on 5th April 2016. The 1st screen shot was taken at 9:06am and shows the Daylight powered Heat Engine is already at 63C (hotter than an oil/gas boiler) with Hot Water on demand temperature at 54.1C and the Heating Storage temperature at 53.1C, all being fueled by daylight and it is still only 9am in the morning with a full day of free energy production ahead.


The second screen shot below is at 9:50am, same system in the West of Ireland and the Heat Engine is now at 70.2C with Hot Water on demand temperature at 56.6C and the Heating Storage temperature at 56.9C. This home is also producing all its electricity from the HONE system and you can see a video below of the electricity meter stopped.


The third screen shot below is at 1:21pm, same system in the West of Ireland and the Heat Engine is now at 81.8C with Hot Water on demand temperature at 62C and the Heating Storage temperature at 62.4C. This home is also producing electricity from the HONE system and this home is someone's real home today using energy and hot water as one normally does.


The home movie below of one of our systems taken in March gives you a visual idea of how powerful HONE actually is.


This is what we call PROOF, everyday in real-time with every project.

Note: Ireland is a base reference country for data as it has some of the lowest Photonic activity in the OECD countries. Other locations will perform better.










 We post screenshots of actual customer systems on our Twitter feed so you can see what type of real-time performance HONE can deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Total System Efficiency ?
TSE or Total System Efficiency is the difference between the amount of light falling from the sky per sqm and the amount of energy metered out as useful energy. HONE currently is well ahead of any of the older renewable technologies.
What is COP ( Coefficient of Performance ) ?
COP is the most acurate measurement of how renewable a technology actually is. The higher the COP, the more renewable the technology. If you have a COP higher than 1:600 as does HONE, then it means you will only use (purchase) 1 kWhr of energy for every 600 kWhrs of FREE energy produced.
Why is HONE a better solution than a Heat Pump for my home ?
HONE is a newer technology with a much higher COP and produces very high temperatures. Heat Pumps first went onto the market in 1836 and use electricity so are a form of electric heating. They are a low temperature device so are not able to run radiators or older less energy efficient homes.
My friend says HONE performance must be impossible ?
Under floor heating is a good idea in some countries and projects but may not suit yours. It is about 4 times more expensive to install than using radiators. Certain countries which have changeable weather should always be careful about under floor heating as it is a storage heater. The concrete slab wrapped around your under floor heating needs about 3-4 hours to warm up and the same to cool down. In places such as the UK and Ireland where you can experience 4 seasons before lunchtime, under floor could be an expensive mistake.

Imagine, it is raining heavily and you have your under floor heating running and then the sun comes out and starts shining in the windows of your nice new house, the temperature will climb rapidly and you won't be able to stop your heating system for 4 hours and all that energy will make your home very uncomfortable for several hours. By using radiators, you can turn your heat on instantly and turn it off instantly; thus using the correct amount of energy and keeping your home at the right temperature. This is worth considering especially if your building has lots of glazing.

Using radiators in a modern A3 or better means only a few slim radiators are needed, typically only 6 in a 2,000 sq ft home and not under any window so your walls are clear. The design considerations have all changed.

What are the main advantages with HONE
The advantage with HONE is that you can reduce your consumption of heating oil, gas or any other heating fuel by up to 100% depending on your location. i.e. you switch to FREE Photon powered heating and hot water production and all you need is overcast cloudy skies or better for it to work. See our performance history web page for daily proof even in December
Why do you make a sample of your Daylight Powered systems available online LIVE ?
We are not afraid to prove how powerful HONE is and we believe that renewable heating technology should not be purchased on a "promise", hence our motto, PROOF, NOT PROMISES. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to proof.
Why do you question the performance of Heat Pumps as a solution ?
HONE works with any building of any age. You can use it with radiators, ducting systems, under floor or any existing heating or cooling infrastructure. You do not need special radiators or other such modifications. HONE is a FREE energy system that works at oil or gas boiler temperatures.
How is your COP so high ?
The COP is very high as we are harvesting a full spectrum of light and using a Nano-engine to turn that into high volumes of free heating & cooling energy. COP's are typically higher than 1:250 and can go as high as 1:400. There are proprietary technologies we have developed and own which make this possible.
Are there any design considerations ?
Yes, all HONE systems have to be modelled for peak performance, we do this for all systems. In domestic projects, there are standard profiles but if the project is non-standard, we can validate the installed design so it is optimum. In commercial projects, every project must be design validated. The HONE heat engine must meet certain design and installation criteria which is simply done as part of the pre-install design element. This ensures it is installed correctly by the contractor and will function at its peak performance. This design process is unique to HONE as it is a proprietary technology and hence the design calculations are also proprietary and can only be provided by us directly.
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About HONE

HONE is a ground breaking molecular heat engine Technology using advanced Nanotechnology to capture Daylight instead of Sunlight as a valuable heat source. This energy can be used for FREE Heating, Cooling & Electricity Production.

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