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August 2016


We are currently offering FREE commercial building installations in the United Kingdom (excluding NI) under an ESCo model, (Energy Supply Company)


Our FREE Renewable Heating/Hot Water with/without Electricity offer is very simple. We install a system on your building or on the ground for free and we sell you the energy at a discount over current rates.

Our installation partners monitor and manage the system over its life so you don't need to do anything except buy cheaper, renewable energy.


The HONE system will reduce your bills by supplying direct heat & electricity into your building. You will also get additional heating savings as when your boilers are off for several months of the year, you will also get additional energy efficiency savings.




Our standard systems are planning exempt up to 1 MW and require no grid connection approval meaning installations are instant.

Ideal projects are farming, hotels, leisure centres, care homes, hospitals and any high heat user.

Frequently Asked Questions - FREE UK Scheme ONLY

What is HONE ?
HONE is a Nano Technology Heat engine which harvests FREE photons of light from the sky. It can be used on domestic buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and processes. HONE is the first and only Photon Harvesting Nanoscience ever developed.
Can I get this technology from any other supplier ?
No, this is a proprietary technology developed and owned by us. It is the ONLY Nano-engine daylight technology in the heating and cooling space. The science has been a long research project covering two decades. It is a costly and time consuming technology to create but its outstanding performance makes payback periods much quicker.
Why install HONE rather than Solar PV ?
Fuel Free Heating –
Clients believe they have missed the PV window and are turning to Renewable Heating – Biomass/Gasification/CHP, etc.
Funded deals on PV are/have evaporated and many clients are looking for a Nil-Capex deal. Clients are keen to take control of their own energy requirements as they are concerned by possible "blackouts" caused by the UK government's flawed energy policy.
What are the issues to be consider regarding planning permission ?
HONE systems are exempt from planning on roof and land up to 1MW (1,620 collectors).


What is the ideal profile of a prospective HONE client and how many UK corporate's are likely to fit that profile ?
The ideal profile of a prospective HONE client for this scheme is annual consumption of 1.2m kWhr heat load.
This level of heating load is typical for a medium sized Hotel and would be exceeded by properties with a Spa or swimming pool.
Other commercial buildings such as Food processing plants, breweries, Care Homes, Large offices, etc. will all have consumption characteristics that meet or exceed this profile.
Some smaller installations with a lower heating load will also fit this profile. There are likely to be many thousands of clients/ sites which will fit this profile.
What is the estimated cost and time taken for the installation of a HONE system on a commercial building (say 600 panels) and how does this compare to the installation of a similar number of solar PV panels? ?
Each site & location of the system will be different and we would expect some reasonable variation in costs. The time frame per site would be circa 6 weeks (30 working days)
How do the costs compare between HONE panels and solar PV panels ?
HONE systems are higher performing technology than Solar PV which dates back to 1836. You get much more output per sqm of roof space used..
How do the HONE panels and PV panels compare from a weight point of view ?
A single HONE panel weighs 35kg against a PV Panel @ 19kg.
If the system weight is aggregated and spread across the total area, the roof loading for the HONE system is 12.96kg/m2.
This compares with a PV system which averages between 12-14 kg/m2. Both will require a structural survey on commercial size installations, to satisfy building owners & clients.
How big is the commercial user market in the UK ?
There are 2 Million commercial buildings in the UK covering 679M sqm of floor space. 48% of the freehold is owned by UK Insurance, Pension and Asset Funds. 24% are owned by overseas UK sourced capital funds. The remainder are owned by Local Authorities, Trusts, Private Property Co’s and 5% by pub owners and 4% by Charities.
What sort of commercial clients will wish to utilise the HONE technology ?
Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Other large freehold property owners who wish to install HONE systems and offer the energy resulting there from their tenants thereby collecting an additional income stream other than rent.
Corporate's who use substantial energy for heating & cooling purposes, Hospitals, Leisure Centres, Hotels, Schools, Local Authorities, Factories, etc.
Will Commercial Buildings be forced to comply ?
The 2011 rent Act requires that from April 2018, it will be illegal to rent a commercial building that does not meet a minimum energy rating. A commercial building must be at least an EPC score of ‘E’ or better, otherwise there are fines of up to £150,000 for 3 months non compliance. This excludes carbon Levies and penalties which are part of legally binding measures each year. (this also applies to domestic buildings from the same date)
Can I avail of Government Grants and tariffs ?
Yes, HONE is a thermal renewable technology and the HONE collector matrix falls under the ISO9806/MCS/OFGEM standard and any grants, etc that are issued under that standard which means any thermal panel supports..
What warranties are available ?
HONE has comprehensive warranties from 5 years to 20 years depending on the program.
What type of quality is your products made to ?
Our product standards are military grade. Picture better than Premium German standards. Our testing is done by TUV Rhineland and we only use aluminum as a base metal. Every component in the whole system is manufactured to the highest standards possible.
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About HONE

HONE is a ground breaking molecular heat engine Technology using advanced Nanotechnology to capture Daylight instead of Sunlight as a valuable heat source. This energy can be used for FREE Heating, Cooling & Electricity Production.

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