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Since 2003, we have been perfecting new forms of Photonic energy harvesting using advanced Nanoscience. This technology only needs photons of light to create substantial thermal energy using molecular Heat engines. It is the most powerful FREE energy technology available for heating, cooling & electricity supply. HONE uses daylight as fuel. This is a proprietary technology we developed and own.

Our group develops this new science to allow the exploitation of Photonic Energy as a major FREE fuel input to world heating, cooling and other energy hungry applications such as electricity and desalination.

HONE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Photonomi Group. www.photonomi.com We develop the products and applications knowledge to bring these free energy opportunities to everyday projects and applications. It is our role in HONE to turn the science into applications and deliver the solutions to market.

The use of these new technologies allows for a significant change to the way we deploy and use energy technologies. Most of the legacy renewable technologies such as Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal are "actually" from the 1800's, heat Pumps from the 1860's & Solar Thermal from 1891.

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Climate Change is a reality but much more important than that is the fact that by 2100, the earth will have 5 times the population it can support. We need to cast aside all the old ways of doing things when it comes to FEW, (food, energy and water).


The simple truth is that if we can create low cost energy for all people for something like Photons, then we can create all the food and water we need in any location on earth. Our HONE technology is already showing that it can cut building related energy by between 80% and 100% depending on location.


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          United Kingdom,
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About HONE

HONE is a ground breaking molecular heat engine Technology using advanced Nanotechnology to capture Daylight instead of Sunlight as a valuable heat source. This energy can be used for FREE Heating, Cooling & Electricity Production.

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